Monday, February 6, 2017

Pepper update from back in 2016

My peppers blossomed, and bloomed and offered me a small harvest of Bell Pepper. I plan to plant even more this year. Since I am new to the planting business it has taken me a while to develop a planting method that works for the entire variety of vegetables I plan to grow. This year I may even add grapes to the mix. The Orchards store where I got last years seeds closed this past Christmas season so I will need to make a short road trip to my local Home Depot for this year's seeds and planting extras. Where fruit is concerned I also tried my hand at canning for the first time this past season and was quite pleased with the way my plum jelly turned out. I didn't plant the plum tree, it was here when I moved in. Until this past season, I had also, for the most part, ignored the plums giving most of them away. I'm glad I gave canning my plums a try this past planting season and had I not given away about five or six jars of my work my first canning experience would have lasted me one whole year.

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