Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kicking the Sugar Habit

The, I quit sugar, twelve step program reduced to just three steps for convenience. You have probably already heard that sugar is harder to quit than the recreational drug cocaine; I've heard that so many times I can only assume it's true, until now. Now I'm planning to take on my own sugar addiction. I am not mad at my parents for getting me hooked on sugar when I was younger I could be persistent, persuasive, even a little dramatic when I didn't get what I wanted. I'm sure that in the beginning, my parents thought the could control my intake of sugar too.

Sugar is a habit I have tried to break several times in my adult life so this won't be the first time I have "quit for good." I have never been a drug user except for the over the counter types used to treat most human ailments, nor have I known anyone going through the methadone treatment for heroin, at least I don’t think I have, so when I hear that sugar is a harder habit to break than cocaine I would have to believe so.

So the twelve-step part of my plan may also be more related to alcohol addiction, but my interest in quitting sugar, again, is genuine and driven by some data I read back in December 2015. There is hardly a day that goes by when the American humans don't take in enough sugar, in one day, to eventually equal more than 140 plus pounds of sugar per year, according to an article skimmed during my travels. However, in my case, this sounds totally true and since my ears have become more in tune with the negative effects of processed sugar news they immediately locked on to a report on my local news, the pulled me out of my home office listen and realize that a lot of my annual allotment of sugar was coming from my favorite coffee drink I order on a regular basis from a national coffee making establishment I frequent. Turns out my coffee drink actually contains more sugar than a similar serving of coke (a Cola, not the other kind).

Add this to all the other places sugar hides out in my daily diet and I can see why the sugar habit is so hard to break, by-the-way I'm talking mostly granulated processed white sugar. So here’s my plan, rather than bore you with all the negative things that sugar can do to your body if you let it. Or scare you by clouding my theories with facts, like sugar is actually good for your brain, let me share with you the three steps I plan to take to banish processed sugar from my diet for life, or this Easter, whichever comes first.

Okay, I know I joke around a lot but this time I plan to make some personal head weigh when it comes to eradicating processed granulated sugar from my daily diet. Since I have notice that my sugar use runs in a cycle throughout my day, week, month, and year that I am sure does add up to the almost 140 plus pounds of sugar per year I likely average, so!

Step I
Find a way to break the cycle. I realize that to do this I need to come up with a suitable substitute, eating more fruits and veggies should fill that bill but it’s going to take maybe just a little more because sweetening my coffee with fruits and veggies will not work!  I'll start by breaking my processed sugar intake cycle; maybe see if I can work in the new organic Agave sweetener I got for Christmas and wondered what the heck for!

Step II
Cut in half every sugary thing I eat a day, and make myself not increase my sugar intake each day just so I end up averaging out the same old sugar intake. Okay, this may not make sense here (talking mainly to myself here) but I actually think I can do this. If it’s not a fruit or a veggie, or perhaps my Agave sweetener, cut it in half! Where coffee is concerned it becomes Tall rather than a Grande!

Step III
In a week or so see if I can limit myself to one bite so something sweet a day (containing the drug sugar) I got to pace myself don’t want my serotonin level to tank. Must maintain serotonin level! Must! So if I make it this far I think I can do this. I don’t plan to make the mistake I made when it came to cutting down on salt, stopping completely cold turkey and feeling awful until someone said: “hey, you need salt you know, but in moderation”. I learned my lesson then from the almost unintended suicide by lack of salt incident, never to overdo it when it comes to a new health challenge.

So that will be my goal sugar in moderation and hopefully, my three step program will get me there, stay tuned! Full disclosure, I would start tonight but I just bought a pie today; hate to have to throw out, so next week for sure.

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