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I have many interest and healthy eating and living is one of them so my reason for starting this blog is to share information about healthy life style and healthy eating. I'm not a vegan (not totally anyway) but I really don't mind if meat is missing from my dish as long as it tastes good and fills me up.

So what I hope to do with this blog is share and hopefully learn more about healthy eating habits. Providing healthy eating tips and information is not my day job, so-to-speak, but as a result of what I do online I do come across some really near vegan, and carnivorous dishes that you might find interesting. Speaking mainly of the basic food groups and meats most people in the U.S. are used to, nothing really exotic. And, just like my Pinterest boards, on these issues I try to keep the cooking with meat, and all veggie recipes separated.

Where I find most of the interesting mealtime tidbits usually happens during on of my many web searches. Sometimes on completely unrelated topics, still I try never to let a good recipe, or good looking dish get away---online. Where possible I will even try to bring you some first hand information as to how certain recipes turn out. If you're into herbal food recipes and the medicinal qualities of some of the foods we eat I plan to try to put that kind of information out ASAP, at least that is my proposed writing plan for now and my goal, only time will tell what the reality turns out to be.

I also have a board filled with mouth watering dessert recipes, but since I am preparing to go one the Sugar Methadone-maintenance-12-step program, to kick the sugar habit, I won't go there right now, however, I will leave the link so that you can visit my dessert board. And I'm just kidding about the Methadone-12-step sugar quitting program. But not about kicking the sugar habit. I have actually come up with a three step plan I intend to use to kick the sugar habit, so stay tuned, you'll be the first to read about it. Day one will start when the pie I just bought is gone.

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