Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good food good medicine

Welcome to my first blog post for the Food Medicine blog, I actually started collecting information about food and all of its medical qualities on my Pinterest board, Food Medicine. Since that time I have been amazed at the genuine interest in holistic medicine from people, some taking over-the-counter medicines, and others vowing never to take any kind of prescription or over-the-counter medicine. In my life I have seen proof of the value of both kinds of medicines the natural, and not so natural, or Pharmaceutical.

It occurred to me while watching an episode of the television program the Monster Inside Me, a television program that highlights cases of parasites, viruses, and other nasty alien organisms that take up residence in our bodies and reek-havoc sometime effecting our immune system, causing paralysis  even death, in some cases.   My interest was aroused also because I realized they were not talking about afflictions happening in far-away-lands, even though several of the people featured who did make contract with their ailment while traveling outside the country, bringing them home with them. The real eye opener for me was that these kinks of infections, ailments, and body invasions were going on right here (in the U.S.) right now!

In trying to understand just how and why parasitic warms, or brain-eating-ameba, could happen right here in this country with all of our medical advancement we have, and trying to make sure my travels never ended the way so many of the people featured on that show did. So I started looking for information about the cures for many of the parasitic body snatching invaders. The doctors on the television show were able to diagnose then treat the patient with just the right medicine to eradicate the infecting invader, in most cases before the body invader could do any serious damage to its host.

What really got my attention during the reading I was doing on the subject of parasitic invasion was the effect natural foods, herbs had, not only controlling but curing many of the patients who were living with parasites inside them. That was when my drive began to learn what living with the right kinds of herbs as part of a healthy diet could do to prevent a person from becoming infected by parasites. I think I should say here that with regard to most of the good news I have come to know about herbs my parasite obsession is one of the extreme concerns that I have.

The majority of my concerns and interest all revolve around how to live a healthier life with herbs and other natural foods. So just in case you were wondering the latter, living healthier with herbs, is what this blog is all about, and not so much parasites. A good diet can not only control parasites but eliminate them so diet and how to incorporate healthy foods in to your body is my true driving force behind this blog.

To me there is nothing like the taste of fresh food, but I was surprise to find out when my kids were younger, and I put the question to them, “do you know where milk comes from,” they smiled and said,

“Sure; it comes from the store.”

I realized that for a lot of kids, and grown-ups too, fresh food nowadays simply means something from the grocery store; not that grocery stores don’t really present fresh food, because I actually have proof that they do, but my idea of fresh food was food grown, and harvested to eat. I realize that growing your own food is something you can really no long do in most area and to be perfectly honest nor would I want to, but that should stop me or anybody from eating healthy. 

I also realized after reading something sent to by a friend over the internet that my children weren’t the only ones with an unclear picture of where fresh food came from. In the article sent to me by a friend a young lady was berating a hunter for killing an animal that he planned to eat. She shouted in capital letters, how cruel it was for hunters to kill innocent animals for food, ending her rant with “why don’t you just buy your meat from the butcher at the grocery store where no animals are actually harmed!”

That made me realize that not everyone share my vision of fresh food but that's okay. I’ll just change that to the "freshest food" you can find, when it comes to keeping the body healthy; especially if you're in to veggies, that would also include the freshest herbs you can find when it comes to the medicinal qualities fresh herbs possess.

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