Saturday, June 1, 2019


Exercise is a very important part of a healthy diet, and done on a regular basis exercise will help you fight off disease and other unhealthy conditions. Exercise on a daily basis helps keep you in control of your weight, boosts your energy level, and enjoy an improvement in your mood. Exercise can be fun, social, and put the spark back in your sex life.

Let me start by saying that if you suffer from any chronic health problems diabetes, arthritis or heart disease you should let your doctor in on any new exercise plan, especially if you haven't exercised regularly in a while. I am not a doctor but my goal, with the posts I write, is to keep you out of the hospital, and healthy by sharing the health news, and tips I find in all my health and wellness online exploration. I also realize that what works for me, exercise-wise, may not work for everyone who reads my posts.

Whether you prefer indoor, or outdoor physical activity exercise can allow you to unwind and whether or not you chose to workout indoor or outdoor you can still team up with friends or family to enjoy the social aspect of keeping your body active on a regular basis. When it comes to exercise some exercise is better than none, but exercise on a regular basis is better than over-exercising on a once in a while basis. Seventy-five minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, such as running or one-hundred and fifty minutes of moderate exercise activity like walking is a good recommendation for the beginner.

I actually use a combination of the two that involves both walking and some running with strength training for my major muscles at least twice a week. I made my own schedule and depending on the way your day usually shapes up you should too. The important thing is to take some time for yourself,  then take the plunge---start and begin exercising on a regular basis.

I spread my exercise activity out over the week so my exercise seldom happens at the same time every day, but I try to stay committed and still make sure that my exercise goal for that day is met. So if you suffer from low energy levels, especially when it comes to experiencing, or enjoying sexual intimacy physical activity on a regular basis can not only raise your energy level it has also been known to increase confidence in your own appearance.

Where intimacy is concerned, women who exercise on a regular basis may experience enhanced arousal due to increased blood flow where it's needed most. Men who get an aerobic workout on a regular basis are less likely to have a problem with ED (erectile dysfunction) than men who chose not to give up the couch for a more active lifestyle. So if you're already on a healthy diet path and you haven't yet added exercise to your daily routine, then take the plunge into exercise on a regular basis.

Bulletproof yourself against many types of cancer, anxiety, and depression, type 2 diabetes, and high-blood-pressure to name just a few of the illnesses and conditions the lack of exercise can leave you open to. Lower your death risk with a regular daily exercise activity of your choice with the emphasis not on how much exercise you can do, but how often you can exercise.

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